Final Checklist

A Final Checklist Before Buyers Visit Your Home

    • Keep drapes and shades open to let in the natural light.
    • Keep rooms neat... avoid clutter.
    • No dirty dishes in the sink or on countertops.
    • Keep toys in an organized fashion.
    • Keep bikes, wagons and skateboards out of the way.
    • Keep the volume on radio, stereo and television turned down.
    • Take the family out of the house during the showing, if possible.
    • Keep pets outdoors or caged when your home is being shown.
    • Let the real estate professionals show your home to the buyers they are representing. If you happen to be at home during the showing, try to remain in an area of the home that is not being shown by the real estate agent.
    • When evening showings occur, have your home well-lighted. Be sure to turn on outside lights, both in the front & back of the house.