Buying a Home




  • Answers to important questions like:
  • How much can I afford to spend on a home?
  • What would I qualify for?
  • What would my mortgage payment be?



Buying your new home is a serious venture. It can be an absolute pleasure or a massive headache. Your house is not just your home, it is a serious investment in the dwelling, the area and your future.

When buying a home - you're bound to have many questions. For example, "In what area can I find a home that suits my needs?", "How much money will I need to afford the monthly payments?" and "How long will the home buying process take?"

Let us know how you define your dream home. Perhaps you seek a historic Victorian. Maybe you see yourself in a stone farmhouse or new construction. Share with us all the details and get one step closer. We will contact you the moment a possible fit comes on the market. All you need to do is tell us what you are looking for.


SERVICE PLEDGE FOR A BUYER: To manage all the details for you in the process of buying hour home. Most importantly, to understand your individual needs, and act as your advocates, representing your best interests at all times. Specifically we will:

  • conduct an active and ongoing search for homes that meet your criteria via professional and personal networking, the Multiple Listing Service and For Sale by Owners.
  • provide continuous updates on new listings and market conditions via phone and email.
  • provide comparable sales and educate the buyer about the marketplace.
  • prepare and present Agreement of Sale.
  • negotiate the Agreement of Sale and property inspections on your behalf.
  • coordinate final settlement.