Buying New Construction

Buying New Construction

Options and Upgrades

Options are items the builder installs during construction such as a sunroom or a powder room. Upgrades are above “builder standard” items that may add quality to your home such as kitchen fixtures, granite counter tops, and extra detailing. Many builders will offer free upgrades with the sale price. When you buy upgrades, always try to have them included in the negotiation over the price. You may find that the price of the upgrades, when calculated into the overall purchase price, drops significantly. Check into all the options and upgrades that the builder offers and at what cost.

What to Expect

Always figure it will cost more and be prepared with additional financing and down payment. It is not uncommon for a developer to demand a big deposit. It is then up to you to decide whether the house is worth the down payment or not. If you have researched the market before hand, and are well informed, the decision to purchase or not should be relatively less stressful.